Dead Air

by Seek Shelter

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You left me here
With nothing more to prove
You are as worthless as they come
Now I can see that

You fucked up, I’m ruthless
Your life’s spent, you’re useless
I’ll hunt you, I’ll find you
Scream for god, my word’s true

I’ll leave you strapped to a chair
Now it’s your turn for despair
Realize that your life is going nowhere

Soon all you’ll see is smoke
Gripping your throat as you choke
Suspended by a noose, I’ll watch you lose hope

I want to see your body flail for air from 10 feet off the ground,
writhing and seizing, spinning around.
Neck in the hemp, blood in your eyes. (mother fucker!)
Look at me straight so I can feel when you die.
Don’t bury the body, I want the whole world to see

Claw your way to the surface, but your lungs are impaired. Take a deep breath, but all you’ll get is dead air.

I can promise you that you have nothing to fear my dear
When I find you all your faults will finally be clear
This is your fucking fault, you always knew that the devil was near
He’s right behind you, he’s grinning ear to ear
He’ll kick the chair, but please oh dear, don’t be scared, don’t be scared
You won’t feel a thing as far as I’m aware
As you hang I’ll laugh, do you really think that I fucking cared?
All that escapes from your lungs is toxic dead fucking air

Take a deep breath, but all you’ll get is dead air.


released February 17, 2015
Jeremy Jones - Guitar
Phil McCarthy - Guitar
Brandon Imiolo - Vocals
Austin Wade - Bass/Vocals
Billy Perish - Drums

Produced by Austin Fedor at A.Fedor Recordings
Artwork by Austin Wade at Wade Visual



all rights reserved


Seek Shelter Cleveland, Ohio

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